Bumper Repairs

Providing The Best Bumper Repair Services In Sydney

The bumper shock absorber is often the primary protective shield in a head-on or -end collisions, making it vital to repair. While the front plastic bumper is designed for aesthetic appeal, the bumper absorber located behind the cover provides structural integrity.

For chrome or metal bumpers, restoring them to their pre-accident condition often involves more extensive work. Our technicians will reinforce the area that requires repair, apply filter and paint, restoring both structural strength and cosmetic appeal.

Additionally, we offer bumper replacement service, which in most cases costs less than the excess of an insurance claim.
‍Bumper repairs are critical for protecting vehicles as they absorb the impact of collisions. If you have been in a minor accident and continue to drive without fixing your bumper, your next collision could prove fatal.

How Much Does A Bumper Repair Cost?

Bumper repairs are very common and are easily fixed. Repair costs start from $300 and cari be in excess of $1,000 depending on the make and model.

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